Welcome to StephanieChan.com

You are probably visiting to learn more about me.

I have been described as a “renaissance woman”.  I like all things technology, arts, and education. I have worked for companies and organisations such as The Government of Canada, Mount Royal University, Head-Co Exploration Oil and Gas, DC and Marvel Comics, and Western Canada Fashion Week. A brief list of my many skills and experience include:

  • Photography (Landscapes, events, astrophotography, fashion)
  • Graphic Design (logo design, branding)
  • Comic Book Creation (production guidance, comic book colouring, promotion)
  • DIY Maker (3D printing, Laser cutting/engraving)
  • Education instructing, guest presentations, and curriculum writing (online safety, privacy, and security for teens and adults, Adobe creative suite, 3D printing, laser cutting, social media, comic book creation)
  • Social Media (crowdfunding campaigns, blogs, podcast creation, training for staff)

If you would like to see what I have been up to lately, visit FoamArmory.com! I teamed up with a props master to create new and exciting foam cosplay parts!


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